Origin Story

Why am I abandoning my old, anonymous blog and beginning a new, eponymous-ish blog?

The simplest answer is that I wasn’t writing under the old moniker and I want to jump start my brain’s wordy engine. A new blog home, like a fresh trimming of the beard, may provide the psychic break I need to move into a new era. We’ll see!

Though I’ve written professionally for most of the time since I graduated from college, I’ve come to feel that I’ve yet to develop my voice as a writer. This may be a product of spending over three years writing in the uniform voice of a group blog or it could be that I just haven’t pushed myself to grow as a writer. The goal of this blog will be to develop a voice instead of a brand. I’m fine with brand development. Some of my best friends are brands. But it will not be a guiding light of my efforts here.

Instead, I hope to construct my toolbox and build up the strength to carry it. Expect ruminations on politics, music, books, ideas, life and so on. This is a place for me to “figure out what I really think,” in the words of Ta-Nehisi Coates.



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