Background For Future Statistical Analysis

Last May, as I spent about 10 days chained to my desk writing my final research papers of the semester, I found my attention drifting to dreams of other ways to spend my time. Instead of hurriedly scanning through academic papers for squibs of facts and theory that I could use to bolster my argument, I increasingly wanted to read fiction — an area of writing that I had not visited with any frequency for years.

In the process of gaming out this new desire, a series of clicks inspired by the feed served by my Facebook informed me that a friend from my hometown was making it work for himself as a writer. In fact, he’d recently sold his first novel. After reading a short story by him in a compilation of Jewish fiction that I had tracked down through Gelman Library, I asked myself a question. Could I, who abandoned writing as a major after one semester, compose fiction too?

Well, I haven’t yet. But I’ve thought about it a bunch. One thing I’ve been thinking about is how I’ve never really read as a writer. I want to understand technique. I want to appreciate the use of language. So on and so on. But it’s been hard to get going.

As I contemplated starting this blog, I tried to think of some recurring features I could include on it. One of those ideas can hopefully teach me a thing or two about getting started. We’ll see in the next post.

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