Opening Remarks: Venus Drive

Without further ado, the opening lines from each story in Sam Lipsyte’s collection Venus Drive, quantified (I swear I thought of this concept before I read Sean Lovelace’s Mary Miller post on Friday):

You could touch for a couple of bucks.

Here’s Hilda with the big blind eyes.

Daddy can’t stand the kikes.

Everybody wanted everything to be gleaming again, or maybe they just wanted their evening back.

I can’t remember the name of the camp.

Someday, I shit you not, we are going to smash the state.

Gary gets to pick a park.

“Do you want to see it?”

Lucky for me I get a Larry tonight.

There were marks in it, divots in it, a feathering of weals and burns.

The building where I work used to be a bank.

The crazy thing is I’m not even Jewish.

Out on the street I’m thinking, “Who needs life, people?”

The Stats

Average number of words: 9

Maximum number of words: 15

Minimum number of words: 5

Names of characters: 2

References to Judaism: 2

Bits of dialogue: 1

Statements with a version of “I”: 6

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