Cape Cod Diversion

Apologies to the masses of accidental readers, but I’ve already broken one of my promises to myself regarding this blog. It has been my intent, at least while I got the groove of regular blogging going, that I would write at least one post a day. The posts wouldn’t have to be anything major, but they would be published words. But, as they say, I had a slight diversion from those plans:

My girlfriend’s cousin got married on Saturday, so between Wednesday and Sunday, I found myself on Cape Cod. Orleans, to be exact. A fun Wikipedia fact about Orleans is that Nauset Beach was the location of the only Central Powers raid aimed at the U.S. mainland during World War I. A German U-boat attacked a tug boat off shore and a few shells and craters were found on shore.

While in Orleans, I took a trip to Parnassus Book Service, where I bought three paperback books for a total of three bucks: Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy; Duke of Deception; and Moon and Sixpence. Odds are that Tinker will be my next read. That is, if the semester’s gargantuan reading lists allow me any time or energy for pleasure reading.

Though I’ve read the second two books in the Karla trilogy, I’ve yet to lay my eyes on Tinker’s pages. I’m not normally one to read sequels before originals, but I watched the BBC’s miniseries with Sir Alec a few years ago and followed the rest of stodgy old George Smiley’s efforts in dust jacket-less hardcovers I picked up at Idle Time Books. I figure it’s worth giving the book a go before the highly touted new adaptation comes out.

Related, but tangential: With the new Tinker movie imminent, the New York Times has titled two articles in the past month using a play on the title of le Carré’s spy classic. I understand the temptation of such a reference, but sigh with a little sadness at the Times’ lack of restraint.

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