(This Is) The Premonition Of Ben And Jimmy

Speaking of Robert Bingham, did you know that he unintentionally predicted the future? His collection of stories was published in 1997, but he wrote of seeing a cover band playing the music of a band that wasn’t even in embryonic form until 2001. From his story “Preexisting Condition”:

A Postal Service cover band was playing the cocktail lounge sporting matching red blazers and eagle patches. The television was turned to a silent hockey game. Out-of-town businessmen, still stuck to name tags, milled about the room. She was at the far end of the bar peering beneath a leather cup, playing liar’s dice. She looked good. Her cheeks had color, and she had on a short black dress and a silver choker. He peered over her shoulder.

Ok, so Bingham wasn’t actually saying that his character saw an homage to Ben Gibbard and Jimmy Tamborello. He made that clear when he had a character refer to it later as “that Postal Service band” before adding, “the post office is turning into a shooting gallery.” But still. I did a double take when I read the paragraph. I enjoy thinking he knew what he was doing just as I enjoy misheard lyrics.

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