2011: The Year The New York Times Broke My Mind

In the New York Times on Friday, Marc Spitz made quite the declaration, claiming that Generation X was finally getting the rock documentary it deserved with the DVD release of a movie from the nineties:

EVERY generation gets the rock documentary it deserves. As he followed the young Bob Dylan in 1965, D. A. Pennebaker captured a singer-songwriter in transition from boyish folkie to wary, druggy and dandified rebel in “Don’t Look Back.” Martin Scorsese’s “Last Waltz” found the Band, Van Morrison, Joni Mitchell and Mr. Dylan under the influence of money and the effects of a long ’60s hangover. The ’80s brought Penelope Spheeris’s “Decline of Western Civilization Part Two: The Metal Years,” a sort of real-life “Spinal Tap.” With the long-delayed DVD release this month of David Markey’s Sonic Youth tour documentary, “1991: The Year Punk Broke,” Generation X, characteristically tardy, finally gets its shot.

There are two things I find wrong with the assumptions in this paragraph. First, if a DVD doesn’t exist of a documentary does the film not exist? Second, either Spitz or his editor should have checked to see if “Decline of Western Civilization Part Two: The Metal Years” is available on DVD. It isn’t.

Is this the type of thing that warrants a correction?

That said, I’m excited for the release of “1991: The Year Punk Broke.” I’ve known of its existence since my elementary school days making weekly mixes of my top 20 Nirvana songs with my friend Rob, but I’ve never seen it. This soon will change.

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