My Latest Digital Audio Purchases

As I mentioned last month, I am an eMusic user whose gripes with the service are growing. Yet, I’m still there and my purchasing power reloaded this week, so I went on my monthly musical shopping spree.

Here’s what I got and why:

All Girl Summer Fun Band — All Girl Summer Fund Band: I came across this crew of melodic women when I was combing through K Records’ eMusic page, looking for gems that I one day might own. I had heard of the band before, but had never really listened to them. In fact, I believe that my only previous experience with them was at a drunk magazine party in college when one of the writers briefly put them in the CD player between swigs of wine. I haven’t gotten a chance to digest it much yet, but as one eMusic commenter suggested, It’s There is a standout track.

Sloan — Twice Removed and Sloan — One Chord To Another: When I logged into eMusic, I was confident that I would leave the site with at least one Sloan album. I came away with two from these Canadian poppers. My recent interest in Sloan arose as I was working on an Interview Mix for my friend Paul Adler (coming soon!). In the course of my work, I became quite obsessed with one of the few Sloan songs — Who Taught You To Live Like That? — that I had randomly picked up along the way. Instead of getting the album that song is on, I opted to start earlier in their catalogue. Twice Removed has been picked as the best Canadian album of all time in a Chart magazine poll and One Chord To Another was said to be “career-defining,” so they seemed like good places to begin.

Arrogance – Rumors: I came to this through a classic case of link diving, though I can’t quite remember the exact trail I followed. It may have been Mitch Easter leading me to Don Dixon, which led me to Arrogance, though I’m not sure what would have started me on Easter. Another possibility is that I was searching through Vanguard’s albums from the 1970s. Regardless, I somehow ended up on Rumors and sampled its wares. The album is an enjoyable slice of folky rock and I’m not going to lie that I was intrigued a bit by their modern day obscurity, despite being “an indie band before there were such things as indie bands,” at least in the Chapel Hill area. In some ways, their story reminds me of Sneakers, as their legacy, for better or worse, is more tied up with the bands they paved the road for than for the music they produced. Arrogance songwriter Don Dixon co-produced R.E.M’s first album as well as other jangle pop touchstones.

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