The Fine Line From National Security Reporting To Nashville

As you may have noticed, I tend to focus more on tracing the paths that lead me to the culture that I consume than critically assessing the pieces of culture themselves. This tendency is partially due to my fascination with the flukes and happenstance that can lead to discoveries on the web and partially due to my muddled critical mind that often wants to digest things long and hard before making pronouncements. I know some people who have a quick turnaround speed when it comes to such things, but I am not one of them.

So here’s the latest path I followed:

Spencer Ackerman illustrated a post about Leon Panetta today with the video for Those Darlins’ Be Your Bro. I watched and liked what I heard, so I sought out more of their songs, using Combing through the blogs that had posted MP3s, I landed on CultureBully and a sampling of some of the best new music out of Nashville in 2011. At the bottom of the post was the song Baby Drugs by Tristen.

As I’m guessing you can tell for yourself, it’s really quite good. So, I went to her website and on the Twitter widget on the side, I saw that she’s playing my town tonight. Now I’ve got plans for the evening!

You can hear (and purchase if you like) more Tristen on her Bandcamp page.

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