Things I Hope To Read Some Day: Washington Monthly

As part of the research for an upcoming seminar paper, I am currently reading Stephen Hess’ study of senators and national media coverage, The Ultimate Insiders. To illustrate at one point how certain committees tend to draw less press coverage, Hess quotes a 1978 Washington Monthly article by current New York Times columnist Joe Nocera titled, “How To Make The Front Page.”

I was interested in reading this old Nocera piece, but was saddened to find that it is not readily available online. The Washington Monthly’s online archives only go back to 1999. And most of those articles aren’t available. In fact, the majority of the content listed isn’t available until 2007. Of the articles that are up on the web, here are some that I’m interested in reading when time permits:

There are others that I am sure are good, but these are the articles that first caught my eye as I looked over the archives’ list. Of the old content that’s listed but not available, I’m definitely curious about several Ta-Nehisi Coates articles and a summer 2001 article by Brenden Koerner about AOL’s efforts to make its way into journalism, which I’m sure would be interesting in light of AOL’s efforts to turn into a content company under Tim Armstrong.

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