Top Of The Minimalist Ladder Of Success

At the New York Times ArtsBeat blog, Dwight Garner asks for recommendations of classic “minimalist” music videos from MTV’s hey day. Though it doesn’t quite fit the definition of minimalist that Garner offers — “a concert clip, or even a bit of straight-on lip syncing to a good song” — it’s hard to think of a more minimalist video than The Replacements’ Bastards of Young clip, which features a single shot of a stereo speaker and little action in the frame. I would embed the clip, but SireRecords has disabled the ability to do so.

In his review of the song, AllMusic’s Jason Ankeny calls the Bastards of Young video “one of the landmarks of the form” as “its utter contempt for the music video medium and the culture which spawned it is so hilariously palpable.”

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