Kramer V. Kramer, But With More Blood, Eh

I can’t recall where I first read about David Cronenberg’s 1979 film The Brood. I had thought it was on i09’s 50 Scariest Movies of All Time list, but it wasn’t actually there when I looked just now. It may have been Edgar Wright’s 24 Hours of Horror programming. Regardless of where I got the idea, that initial pique of interest and the confines of Gelman Library’s DVD collection, led to The Brood being my Halloween film of choice last night.

Check out a trailer with commentary from History of Violence screenwriter Josh Olson. Watch an unaccompanied trailer:

Filled with a combination of great overacting and bland underacting, the film makes the nightmare of divorce and custody battles manifest through the never explained magic of something called “psychoplasmics.” The film’s tone makes a lot more sense when you learn that Cronenberg wrote the film after going through a divorce.

I recommend you meet The Brood. If for nothing else, this one’s got a big reveal that you are not very likely to have seen coming.

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2 Responses to Kramer V. Kramer, But With More Blood, Eh

  1. Josh E says:

    The Brood is one of Cronenberg’s early works and suffers from some uneven direction, however after every Cronenberg film I watch, I’m usually thinking about something that happened in it for days after I’ve seen it.

    • mattcorley says:

      I’d largely agree with that. Despite its uneven moments, it was the right film to watch last night. Call me sentimental, but there’s something about Halloween and low-budget horror films that go well together. Thanks for reading!

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