Catching Sight Of The Phoney Gulp In The Wild

As part of a blitz of blogging yesterday, David Berman ordained what he calls “the phoney gulp” as “the new worst move in journalism.” Pulling examples from Vanity Fair, The Stranger, and HTMLGiant, DCB decried the modern tendency for some writers to needless populate their sentences with a throat-clearing “well” whenever describing things in themselves as they are. If he hasn’t read it already, Berman may want to avoid today’s New York Times:

Security questions behind him, Mr. Modi quickly learned that life in the West Wing was not at all like, well, life in “The West Wing,” Aaron Sorkin’s idealized version of the presidency.

Berman wonders if this newish tic could be descended from the trends that Maud Newton identified in her recent essay on the potential malign influence of David Foster Wallace’s “rhetorical postures.”

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