Aesthetic Changes

As you may have noticed, a few things have changed around here visually. The above header, which was provided to me by my mysterious long ago associate Aaron Cael, is replacing the default header provided by the Twenty Ten WordPress theme. Aaron tells me it is simply the original header cut into letters. So, it’s similar, but better.

Due to the fact that Component Parts is now a central aspect of the header image, I’ve changed the title that rides above the header to my name. Obviously, it would have been redundant to have Component Parts floating above Component Parts. Additionally, I figured it was probably a good idea to have my name gracing the page in a more obvious spot than the URL.

In the right hand side bar, you will also see a Twitter feed. In between semesters, I’ve upped my tweeting a bit and I figured I might as well integrate it with the blog. I plan to use it more going forward, but commitments such as that are risky things at the outset of an academic semester, especially this one where I will be working up to taking my comprehensive exams.

Finally, I promise to get more Robyn Hitchcock content on to this blog. I realize the error of my ways and will do my best to atone:

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