Re: Historical Facts And Politico’s Latest E-Book

Earlier this week, I noted that the confident scribes of Politico’s latest campaign e-book bungled a basic historical fact, namely that they included Gerald Ford’s squeaker of a primary win in 1976 in a list of GOP nominees who “were all designated, more or less by consensus, as captain of the ship, after some early scuffling in the wheelhouse.” 

When I wrote the post, I was about 40 percent of the way through the book. I finished it this morning and right near the end, oddly enough, Ford v. Reagan was mentioned, but this time, the closeness of the contest was acknowledged:

Rick Santorum was exultant, defiant, and petulant when he spoke to us on Sunday, March 25, the day after thumping Romney 49 percent to 26.7 percent in Louisiana. “To be able to pull out 50 percent of the vote in Louisiana, see a huge turnout, a big turnout compared to four years ago, I think it just shows our voters are excited, they’re far from giving up on this race,” he said to us by cell phone as he drove from Appleton, Wisconsin, to Fond d Lac (in an SUV that had replaced his pickup truck after he got Secret Service protection a month ago). Santorum compared himself to Ronald Reagan mounting a challenge to President Gerald Ford in 1976 that went all the way to the GOP convention.

Went all the way to the convention! The e-book was written by two reporters. I wonder if the two sections with competing memories of the 1976 GOP primary were each primarily written by a different author.

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