Interview Mix: Annie Schutte

October 14, 2007 at 03:54 pm

It’s little known to some, but Annie Schutte, the head of the online editorial team at the Center for American Progress, is also the D.C. correspondent for “cutting edge” “culture blog” CultureBlog.

In a past work life, she edited iris magazine, a national feminist magazine for progressive young women. She also rules at Photo Hunt and mapping global emissions.

1) What is the first website (other than your own or email) that you visit in the morning? I’m a bit of a workaholic, so I usually just turn my computer on and start working. But once i get around to not working on my work website, I suppose its usually either The Washington Post, wikipedia, or popsugar.

2) What is the most interesting bit of information that you’ve picked up in the past month? If you’re a female trolling for men on dating websites, being blond counts as the equivalent of four years of college. As in, you can be blond and have a high school diploma and get asked out as much as a brunette with a college degree.

3) How would you describe your taste/interest in music? I guess I know it when i hear it. My “rainy day” mixes tend to get more play than anything else if that gives you any idea, but genres range from rock-ish to soul to folk. i also have a penchant for listening to recordings of live shows.

4) Name five of your favorite songs at the moment (in no particular order).

1) Over My Shoulder, Jayhawks
2) Throback, Brazos
3) Polar Opposites (Modest Mouse Cover), Iron Horse
4) Margaret vs. Pauline, Neko Case
5) Grace Kelly, Mika
6) Merry Happy, Kate Nash

5) Name five of your favorite albums of all time (in no particular order).

1) Joni Mitchell, Blue
2) 69 Love Songs, Magnetic Fields
3) Biograph, Bob Dylan (This is the only set besides Bootlegs that has “I’ll Keep it With Mine” on it, so I have no choice.)
4) Greatest Hits, Tupac (For those of you who love Tupac, you know that choosing this greatest hits album isn’t a cop out, because it includes the previously unreleased track “Changes.”)
5) Greatest Hits, Al Green (OK. This actually is a cop out, but I can’t choose.)

6) What are some songs to which you have a particular emotional attachment? Hmm…definitely Billie Holiday singing “My Man,” and probably the entire album Music Box by Mariah Carey (7th grade was tough).

7) How did you first get interested in music and how has your taste developed since then? I went through a serious Moody Blues and Beach Boys phase during the early elementary school years under the influence of my parents and listened to “Knights in White Satin” an embarrassing number of times. This was logically followed by about a year of listening to “Hotel California” and “American Pie on repeat, something that to this day I’m not sure was driven by the songs themselves or fascination with the length and narrative structure. My first legitimate forays into music began in late elementary school and middle school when my best friend and I began buying TLC and Michael Jackson cassette singles and choreographing intricate performances to accompany “What Has He Done for You Lately” off of Rhythm Nation—an album that was pretty much our oracle of knowledge and confidence for many years. Like many American pre-teens, this soon led to joining the music clubs advertised on the back of Parade in the Sunday paper and then with the dawn of Napster, downloading and listening to copious amount of random shit. Somewhere in all that I realized that I hate the Eagles almost as much as I hate Jimmy Buffet, and while I still love early rock, r&b, etc, I prefer quieter music a lot of the time, and people with more musical talent.

8 ) What are some of your musical guilty pleasures? 90s pseudo-rock like Semisonic and Better than Ezra.

9) If you were running for President in 2008, what song would you use as your campaign theme? Tupac’s Changes, although that probably wouldn’t get me elected for reasons iterated in the song. Maybe Revolution by the Beatles, although you’d never get the rights to that

10) What is your opinion on downloading copyrighted material without paying for it? I never buy music. I do pay for concerts, though. Is torrenting technically even illegal?

Here are some songs I hope she’ll like.

Listen to an 8Tracks mix HERE or here:

1) Denny Doherty – Tuesday Morning
2) Sneakers – Sil Vous Plait
3) White Magic – Keeping The Wolves From The Door
4) X-Ray Spex – Germ Free Adolescents
5) Bobby Hebb – Sunny
6) Neil Young – Only Love Can Break Your Heart
7) The Olivia Tremor Control – No Growing (Exegesis)
8 )The Sunshine Fix – Last Night I Had A Dream (Said I Had A Dream Last Night)
9) The Wyrd Sisters – This Is The Night
10) Gza – Liquid Swords
11) Bert Jansch & John Renbourn – No Exit
12) Robyn Hitchcock – Sometimes A Blond
13) Bonnie “Prince” Billy – No More Workhorse Blues
14) Silver Jews – Long Long Gone
15) Ugly Casanova – Hotcha Girls
16) Matthew’s Celebrity Pixies Tribute – Hey (Pixies Cover)
17) The Monkees – Ditty Diego War Chant
18) Beulah – Popular Mechanics For Lovers
19) The Detroit Cobras – Weak Spot
20) Bobby Bare – Fellow Travelers
21) Dipstick – These Days (Jackson Browne Cover)

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