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Obama May Need To Emulate Bush’s 2004 Mistake

Matt Yglesias dings the nascent Obama re-election campaign today for the idea, delivered via New York Times’ political editor Richard Stevenson, that a clever 2012 plan would be to follow the essence of George W. Bush’s successful 2004 re-election strategy. … Continue reading

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Disrespecting Congress Since 1977

Yesterday, The Atlantic’s James Fallows posted a message he received from a former congressional staffer responding to a blistering essay on the state of Congress as an institution and the GOP’s seemingly intentional role in undermining confidence in it, which … Continue reading

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Interview Mix: Matt Yglesias, A Modern Internet Maven Nostalgic For Dot Com Boom Tunes

Matt Yglesias freely admits that he started writing his first blog  in college when he needed “a new hobby to waste some time” when his  girlfriend went abroad. But that hobby quickly turned into a job — a job with a … Continue reading

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