Call It The Politico Rhetorical Crutch

Reading Politico’s big article today on Sen. David Vitter (R-LA), the rhetorical move used in the second sentence seemed oddly familiar to me:

David Vitter is stepping up his attacks on Wall Street, slamming President Barack Obama’s oil policies and vowing to use a new committee perch to speed up unfinished levee work — issues that play well back home in Louisiana and could boost a possible bid for the governor’s mansion.

Call it the rehabilitation of Sen. Vitter.

On a hunch, I searched Politico’s website for the phrase “call it the.” Here’s what I found going 50 Google search pages deep into a Politico site search:

Call it the Chopper candidacy.

Call it the West Wing North.

Call it the sequel.

Call it the little green engine that could.

Call it the McDonnell Strategy

Call it the 19 percent solution.

Call it the freight debate:

Call it the Christie Primary.

Call it the brawl on the bayou.

Call it the politics of personal perfection.

Call it the Andres Challenge:

Call it the Drama Queen Caucus

Call it the White House Legislative Affairs shop, version 2.0.

Call it the dawn of the Apple presidency.

Call it the final smackdown.

Call it the return of the default deniers.

Call it the multistage strategy.

Call it the farm bill two-step.

Call it the Mittness Protection Program.

Call it the Split the Difference Scenario

Call it the Mike Castle rule.

Call it the Rand Paul Evolution.

Call it the rehabilitation of Sen. Vitter.

Call it the Sandy lobby.


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