Not What I Was Looking For, But Still…

Taking advantage of my office’s adherence to the federal holiday schedule, I am spending a chunk of my day today seeing how many pennies I can get from Amazon for the old CDs gathering dust in my closet. As it turns out, Amazon is not interested in many of my CDs, including music both obscure, like anything by Azita, and much more mainstream, like Bob Dylan’s Together Through Life.

On the bright side, Amazon’s refusal to even acknowledge the existence of some albums has led me to learn of some interesting items that do exist. For instance, when I searched for Quasi’s Hot Shit, Amazon’s search engine threw up just two results, Pure 80’s Hits and Millie Jackson’s Back to the Shit.

Oh my, what I can I say about Back to the Shit that its cover doesn’t say for itself:

As of today, Amazon is offering up to $16.01 for a copy of this CD, which is the highest offer I’ve seen for any album while checking my own CDs.

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